Why we use biodegradable hydraulic oil

Why do we use biodegradable hydraulic oil when drilling water boreholes? Because it’s green, clean, non-carcinogenic and better for the planet.

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What is hydraulic oil?

Hydraulic oil is a fluid used in industrial operations to transfer power within hydraulic machinery or equipment.   

As well as being useful for energy transmission, it’s also helpful for heat transfer, contamination removal, sealing and lubrication.

Ultimately, hydraulic fluid is used throughout the construction sector in many different types of equipment to ensure longevity of machinery and to protect essential mechanical components.

What are the additional benefits of hydraulic fluid? 

For each piece of equipment there may be additional, specific benefits for using hydraulic fluids.  At Igne they help us with:

  • Corrosion control,
  • Cleanliness and filterability,
  • Hydrolytic stability,
  • And in minimising the risk of internal leaking.

Why we use biodegradable, food grade, green, clean hydraulic fluid

Most drilling organisations use standard hydraulic oil – after all, it’s significantly cheaper than the biodegradable alternative.  This oil works perfectly to ensure machinery runs well and does everything it needs to do, so it does support the drilling of a borehole – but it is potentially very bad for the environment.

At Igne we take our planning very seriously, it’s why we drill test boreholes, have a full-time engineer to service our equipment and invest in the best kit.  In other words, we have solutions in place to prevent problem arising.  

This is part of the reason why we use biodegradable, food grade hydraulic fluid.

We drill for and provide clean, pure potable water to residential and commercial consumers alike.  We even provide water to the UK’s leading water utility companies.  Consider the impact of what would happen to all this pure water if ever there was a machinery leak during the drilling process, and toxic hydraulic oil entered the water table…

If there was a leak and you were utilising standard hydraulic oil, the entire water supply would be contaminated.  This could cause significant issues – and at the very least it would require a laborious deep cleaning process to repurify the water supply and decontaminate the site.

The cost to a client, a community and the environment could be catastrophic.

To mitigate this risk entirely, we choose to invest in biodegradable, food grade hydraulic oil.

What are the benefits of using biodegradable hydraulic oil for boreholes?

We are proud to work with clients such as Radnor Hills and Welsh Water; contamination of their supplies cannot even be an option.  

Biodegradable hydraulic oil provides us with all the same benefits as standard hydraulic fluid, but with the additional peace of mind that it is non-intrusive and entirely safe.  If it accidentally leaked into a water supply, the clean-up is a much more manageable process and the risk to health and the environment is non-existent.

This provides our clients and their consumers with the safety, security and quality they deserve.

Biodegradable hydraulic oil: clean and green

Another benefit of utilising this type of oil is that it is much better for the environment.  Wherever possible, we do what we can to ensure we make the best choices for our clients and our planet.

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