Marine UXO Services

Igne offers a variety of offshore, inshore, and nearshore unexploded ordnance (UXO) and chemical munition risk mitigation services.

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Marine UXO Mitagation

Offshore, inshore, and nearshore 

Igne offers a variety of offshore, inshore, and nearshore unexploded ordnance (UXO) and chemical munition risk mitigation services. Its clients includes those in the renewables sector, oil and gas companies, cable installers, port authorities, and dredgers. Igne’s marine team has over 30 years of experience protecting clients and marine life from the dangers of conventional and chemical munitions.

Igne’s marine team has offices in Gillingham, Aberdeen, and Ross-on-Wye, meaning it can rapidly deploy anywhere within the country, saving its clients valuable time and money.

Marine UXO Operations 

Project Management – Igne’s marine team has extensive experience leading and managing sizeable geophysical survey projects, diving operations, and deep water target investigations in a variety of marine environments. Contact Igne today to learn how we can help plan, manage, and deliver your marine-based project today. 

Geophysical UXO Surveys – Igne utilises cutting-edge, innovative technology to detect ferrous anomalies in marine environments – from shallow waters to the deep sea. This includes 3D seismic surveys, bathymetric surveys, gradiometers, sonar road mapping, data management, and more. Its in-house team of specialists processes data and delivers detail, easy-to-understand reports.

UXO Target Investigation – If suspicious anomalies have been detected on your offshore, nearshore, or inshore site, Igne can investigate, identify, and mitigate them.  Igne creates bespoke investigation plans suited to your projects and budgets, and can underwrite your risks.  

UXO DisposalIgne has over 30 years of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experience. If you have discovered UXO on your marine-based site, contact Igne’s specialists today.  Igne’s experts can ensure that the UXO no longer poses a threat by utilising its EOD divers, or by using remotely operated vehicles. Igne can also relocate the UXO or detonate it on land when deemed necessary. 

Chemical Warfare Monitoring and Decontamination – Igne offers a variety of services to counteract chemical munitions deploy during warfare or dumped post-warfare. This includes training, safety briefings, monitoring, contamination testing, the deployment of specialist personnel and decontamination equipment, and more.

Marine UXO Consultancy Services 

UXO Risk Assessments – Igne’s in-house team of research specialists can produce desktop reports to help you, the client, understand the likelihood of UXO being present on your marine site. This is done using a wide range of reputable sources, including historical documents, hydrographic offices, and more.  To receive a desktop report, contact Igne today. 

UXO Risk Mitigation – Based on the results of Igne’s UXO risk assessments (or a third-party risk assessment), Igne will the safest, most cost-effective solution to mitigating your UXO risk. Igne will provide a detailed strategic plan that will lead to the UXO risk becoming as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). 

Environmental Impact Assessment – Igne can produce UXO focused impact assessments, detailing threats posed to marine habitats resulting from conventional and chemical munitions, to help deliver compliant environmental impact assessments. 

Data Management – Igne’s inhouse team of experts can process first, second, or third party bathymetry, LiDAR, side scan sonar, and marine seismic data. It provides data interpretation, data quality assurance / reviews, and technical assessments. 

Marine UXO Training Services 

EOD & UXO Response Training – Igne provides bespoke EOD training that focuses on understanding explosive ordnance threats, including how to identify and respond to them, based on its clients’ needs. Additionally, Igne provides UXO response training, which details how to respond when UXO is discovered. 

Chemical Warfare Response Training – Igne offers bespoke courses that provide knowledge on chemical warfare munitions, PPE, detection and decontamination procedures, and emergency response plans, protecting staff and clients from the dangers of chemical munitions. 

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