Expert industry guidance from the longest serving unexploded ordnance professionals in the UK: including scoping operations and assessing survey designs.

How can we help you?

The consultancy services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Expert industry guidance
  • Peer review of third-party risk assessments and detection surveys

    Igne completes independent peer reviews of any UXO risk assessment or UXO survey report you may have in your possession and for example provides impartial advice as to whether recommended mitigations are appropriate
  • Scoping operations and survey designs
  • Development of project documentation during project planning and preparation
  • Assistance with procurement of UXO mitigation services ensuring value for money
  • Technical review of proposals
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • QA/QC services

Igne provides independent and external Quality Assurance as a client representative, ensuring UXO mitigation services have been procured & delivered as specified. This includes review of procedures, competency checks and site audits.

  • Pricing / programming of operations

Need to price and programme UXO survey/clearance in your project? Don’t know where to start?

Let us help you.

As the longest serving UXO consultants in the UK, we are your trusted partner when it comes to explosive ordnance risk mitigation