Igne utilises the Future-Fit methodology to further its ESG ambitions - with the help of Paul Breslin, Igne's ESG and Regulatory Risk Director, and The Solix Group.

Meet Paul Breslin - ESG and Regulatory Risk Director

Hi, my name is Paul Breslin. I am the ESG and Regulatory Risk Director for Igne. 


Guided by the Future-Fit ESG methodology, I am wholeheartedly devoted to propelling Igne towards a more sustainable future. 


We will forge a path that ensures our operations align with the highest environmental, social, and governance standards, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the world we inhabit.


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The Future-Fit Methodology

The Future-Fit ESG methodology goes beyond traditional ESG frameworks. It sets a high bar for companies by defining a set of environmental and social goals that all organisations should strive to meet to ensure their operations do not compromise the ability of future generations to thrive.

Future-Fit provides a set of 23 goals (translated from the UN's Sustainable Development Goals) that companies, such as Igne, can use to assess their sustainability performance. These goals cover a range of areas, including climate change, water use, biodiversity, employee well-being, and human rights. By aligning with these goals, companies such as SafeLane can work towards becoming truly sustainable and future-fit.

Our Future-Fit Goals

Of Future-Fit's 23 goals, Igne has selected 17 to pursue. 6 goals have been excluded due to being tailored towards manufacturing / product based businesses, whereas Igne is purely service based. 

Each of Igne's goals are listed below. You can click each goal to learn more about them via the Future-Fit website.

BE01 BE02 BE04 BE05 BE06
Renewable Energy  Water Usage    Procurement  Operational Emissions  Greenhouse Gases 
BE07 BE08 BE09 BE10 BE11
 Operational Waste  Ecosystems Community Health  Employee Health  Living Wage 
BE12 BE13 BE14 BE20 BE21
Fair Employment Terms  Anti-Discrimination Employee Concerns Ethical Business Right Tax
BE22 BE23      
Lobbying & Advocacy Financial Assets      


Our Progress

The table below will be regularly updated when Igne makes ESG progress. 

August 2022 - March 2023

Igne began its Future-Fit journey in August of 2022. Since then, it has made progress on the following goals:

BE04: Igne doubled its overall recycling performance from 43% to 86% for its 10 UK-based offices. The recycling categories include paper, cardboard, metals, electronics, wood, glass, inert waste, oil, and batteries.

BE11: Igne became accredited with the Living Wage Foundation, meaning all of its employees are paid at or above the real living wage.

BE12: Igne benchmarked this goal at 90% Future-Fit.

BE14: Igne has begun working on a transparent, accountable employee concern / feedback system which will be implemented in the near future.

April 2023 Paul Breslin was promoted to ESG and Regulatory Risk Director, taking over Igne's UK-based ESG responsibilities.
May 2023 Paul has been inducted and has now begun laying the groundworks for ESG progress.


Solix and ESG

The Solix Group operates as the head of a collection of high-quality international companies (including Igne) spanning diverse industrial sectors. Their approach involves identifying and acquiring companies with clear potential for delivering sustainable and superior shareholder value.

By closely examining each company and its respective industry, they provide the necessary capital and resources to enable the fulfillment of their ambitions. The Solix Group's primary objective is to generate long-term and exceptional returns for their shareholders through strategic investment and development.

Solix ensures that all of its companies implement ambitious, clear, and measurable ESG targets. They are helping Igne in various areas of their ESG journey.

Paul Breslin works with Mia Juul-Hansen, Solix's Associate Director – ESG & Sustainability.