Igne is breaking new ground in laboratory and on-site construction materials testing 



UK-wide capability in the construction materials testing sector and for on-site construction materials testing services.

Igne employs over 70 specialist highly trained technicians, chemists, quality supervisors and managers.

It has UK-wide coverage offering an extensive scope of testing capability in the construction materials testing sector with UKAS accredited laboratories strategically placed throughout the UK in Airdrie, Newcastle and Aston Clinton.

This also ensures a comprehensive and coherent UK-wide coverage for on-site construction materials testing services coordinated from our various locations.

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Routine testing

  • Oedometer consolidation cells
  • Quick undrained triaxial rigs
  • Liquid and plastic limit cone penetrometers
  • Laboratory CBR machines

Igne has a comprehensive range of equipment to undertake BS1377: 2022 and BS EN ISO 17892 classification, compaction-related, compressibility, permeability and durability tests.


Effective stress & triaxial permeability testing

  • A large number of cells available covering 100mm, 75mm and 38mm diameter specimens

Generally used for determining slope stability of embankments and assessing the integrity of landfill liners.

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Large shear box

  • 300mm square machines

This specialised apparatus is used for assessing the slope stability including coarse granular materials.


Small shear box

  • Machines covering 60mm and 100mm square specimens

Used for determining the slope stability of fine to medium grained granular and cohesive soils (peak and residual parameters).

ground breaking construction materials testing



  • Permeameter cells
  • 300mm x 300mm x 1000mm large box permeameter 

This highly specialised apparatus is used for determination of permeability of medium to coarse-grained soils particularly in relation to road drainage layers.


Site testing

  • Nuclear densometers (NDG)

  • Moisture condition apparatus (MCV)

  • Sand replacement density apparatus

  • Plate load testing rigs (100mm, 300mm, 450mm and 610mm diameter plates)

  • Light Weight Deflectometers (LWD)

  • CBR testing rigs

  • Dynamic cone penetrometer rigs (DCP)

  • Core cutters

Utilised for testing during ground investigations, site reprofiling and road construction works.

As part of our service to house builders and developers we also undertake BRE Digest 365 soakaway and BS 6297 percolation testing.


Rock, aggregate, and concrete testing

  • Point Load Test Apparatus
  • Compression Machines
  • Los angles Coefficient (LAC)
  • Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)
  • 10 Percent Fines (TFV)
  • Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)
  • Flakiness Index (FI)
  • Magnesium Sulphate Soundness
  • Slake Durability
  • Water Absorption & Particle Density
  • Aggregate Grading

We have the equipment to undertake a wide range of tests in accordance with ISRM, ASTM and British and European Standards. Our Birmingham laboratory provides a concrete analysis service.

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