Borehole Geophysics And CCTV

We conduct geophysical surveys and CCTV surveys of new and existing boreholes to establish their construction, examine their condition, and to define a borehole’s geophysical characteristics. We survey for water suppliers and for our commercial and domestic clients.


Geophysics for new boreholes

We geophysically log newly drilled boreholes for a number of reasons...for example, we survey to ensure the construction is correct. We can also collect data to allow design engineers to fully understand the characteristics of a well.

A survey can confirm that a borehole has been drilled to the correct specification in terms of borehole diameter, casing etc., and the data provides a benchmark for future assessments.

A geophysical survey can also ensure a borehole is being drilled correctly according to the design specification, or to ensure it has intersected into the body or structure that we are aiming for - such as an aquifer.

The data we acquire can give us an indication of the quality of the water you will enjoy from your borehole, with information relating to salinity, flow, height of water table etc. all easily obtainable.


Geophysics for existing boreholes

Maintaining an existing borehole is essential for its ongoing performance, therefore we conduct geophysical surveys of existing boreholes for both commercial and domestic clients as part of our regular maintenance schedules. 

We also conduct geophysical surveys of boreholes that are underperforming, or have as yet undiagnosed issues.  We can locate fractures or fissures, running sand, corrosion or biological fouling for example.

Our geophysical surveys can be combined with CCTV surveys to diagnose - or to highlight any potential issues before they become problems that could cause a disruption in supply.

If you have an existing borehole and are concerned about its condition, or you are struggling with your supply, contact us and we will diagnose and solve your problems.

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Borehole condition assessments

Checks to existing boreholes should be made as part of an ongoing maintenance programme, thus highlighting any potential problems before they develop into major issues, or cause disruptions in supply

Geophysical and CCTV surveys

Our survey equipment is highly portable, we have an in-house team of geophysicists and can rapidly deploy to your site. Therefore, we are best placed to complete borehole surveys and process the data quickly to support your critical water supply.

We can detect issues before they become problems, deliver visual condition reports as well as full interpretive geophysical reporting, and will use the data to ensure your borehole is working at full capacity. 

Data is collected on site in real time – and full interpretive reporting is delivered with your final analysis.  Data from a CCTV report can be included to give you a full visual condition report of your borehole as well.

Which type of survey do you need?

We can determine whether you need a CCTV survey to visually understand the condition of your borehole, or a geophysical assessment - or both.

We will then conduct all assessments, interpret the data in-house, and provide the findings in an accessible report.

Any problems can be diagnosed, any issues can then be dealt with, and we will ensure your borehole's operational integrity.

We employ the full suite of geophysical parameters and conduct tests such as impeller flow and natural gamma. We can also survey for:

  • Well and shaft wall conditions
  • Obstruction identification
  • To locate aquifers


Borehole log benefits

The main benefits derived from logging or surveying a borehole include:

Obtaining essential sub-surface information that cannot be garnered from the surface or from sampling - e.g., depth to bedrock or water table.

Surveys provide benchmarking data enabling future assessments to identify changes and deviations that could impact on a borehole.

Data is gathered continuously, on site and in real time - allowing for rapid problem solving.

To assist with the ideal location of a water well.

For geological and hydrological mapping and to support geotechnical, environment and exploration projects.

Whether you have an existing borehole that needs analysing, or you're considering a borehole installation, talk to the team to discuss a borehole geophysical or CCTV survey