Water Treatment

Once your borehole water is flowing freely, we arrange a full chemical and bacteriological analysis to ensure your supply is safe. Water samples are independently analysed by a UKAS approved laboratory. Based on the water testing results, we can tailor a bespoke water treatment package for your supply.

Water pollution

We are all aware of the pollution our rivers and seas are suffering, but the water you drink can also be affected.

It can be affected by bacterial or chemical content, dissolved solids and certain micro organisms, which may not be revealed by the smell, taste or colour of your water.

Water supplies near farmed land, where animals graze or where manure is spread, are at increased potential risk - especially at times of heavy rainfall or flooding. 

Septic tanks, nitrates, sheep dip and pesticides can also cause contamination.

It's not just humans who need clean drinking water either; livestock like sheep and cattle shouldn't drink dirty water.

Drinking contaminated water

Anyone who drinks contaminated water risks serious infection.  Even animals that drink dirty water can be affected - for example, they made reduce their intake of water and risk dehydration.

If you have your own water supply borehole, we will test your supply, design the water filtration or purification solution and install and maintain it for you.  Your water supply is safe with Igne.

If your water is clean but hard, a water softener can remove calcium, magnesium and other issues. The resulting soft water will be better for your health, skin and hair and save you money too.

You will need to use less detergents for washing; appliances will run more efficiently. You will find limescale in your heating system, pipes, household appliances, showers and baths is then also removed.

Water analysis

Wet winters not only mean misery for thousands with flooded homes and businesses, but ongoing concerns about the hidden dangers flood waters can bring.

Is your water safe to drink?  Does boiling water kill bacteria?  Do you need a water purifier? 

Don't let these questions keep you awake - call us for water analysis, treatment and purification solutions today.

Bacteria in water

Flood waters can contain bacteria, which can enter your borehole water supply and consequently become a danger to health.

As a water borehole owner you should get your supply analysed and risk assessed annually. 

Also, during wet winter months, it’s an essential precaution to have your water supply checked for contamination regularly – even if you are not located in a direct flooding area.

You need to be sure your water is safe to drink - we can help with testing, analysis and purification solutions.

Water purification

Common water quality problems can involve discolouration, odour, taste, pH (acidity or alkaline), dissolved solids, bacteria, metallic deposits, nitrates (particularly in agricultural areas), and water hardness.

Water treatments such as ultra violet (UV) purifiers can go a long way to protect you from the consequences of flood or surface water entering borehole water supplies, and we recommend a borehole chamber and headworks inspection is undertaken.

We offer maintenance packages, as well as undertaking emergency or ad hoc call outs.

Trust us to keep your water supply clean and safe.

Water filtration

Water filters are used to remove impurities from water, and while Igne will always install a pre-filter and a UV system to sterilise your water, periodic analysis will ensure your borehole supply is of a consistently high and safe standard.

Don't wait for a problem to occur, trust Igne's regular maintenance services to keep your supply flowing freely and safely.

Water treatment solutions

Water filters remove parasites, protozoa, and bacteria from the water, water purifiers will remove all of these as well as 99.9% of all viruses.

The right water treatment solution to ensure yours is a high quality water supply will depend on a number of factors - such as levels of contaminants present, and the amount of water you use.

We start by recommending you have a water quality test done to identify any water quality issues. We will then help you deal with essential purification requirements, and also advise you on action to improve water softness.

The most commonly treated problems include low pH level (acidic water), high iron and manganese levels, turbidity (cloudiness) and bacteria.  But whatever your water treatment needs, we can supply and maintain the complete solution.


Igne offers a comprehensive range of water analysis services for boreholes

We can test your water for a variety of contaminants, including:

  • Bacteria, such as E. coli and coliform bacteria
  • Metals, such as lead, arsenic, and iron
  • Chemicals, such as nitrates, pesticides, and herbicides

We also offer a variety of other water analysis services, such as:

  • Hardness testing
  • pH testing
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS) testing
  • Turbidity testing


What are the benefits of conducting water analysis?

There are many benefits to water analysis for boreholes, including:

  • Ensuring the safety of your drinking water
  • Identifying and addressing any water quality problems
  • Complying with government regulations
  • Protecting your health and the environment

For more information about any of our Water Treatment solutions, contact Igne today