Maintenance Contracts

As prevention is better than cure, to keep your borehole running at peak efficiency and to minimise the risk of breakdown, we offer discounted borehole maintenance and repair contracts to our clients.

Low water pressure? Artesian flow?  Broken pump?

We have solved every water nightmare you can imagine: from free flowing artesian wells flooding a construction site, to low water pressure in domestic properties.

Services we provide include:

  • Borehole camera surveys: CCTV inspection of existing boreholes to identify any potential issues
  • Rehabilitating existing boreholes to improve supply and purity of water
  • Removal of old or damaged pumps and removal of any redundant equipment
  • Installing filtration, purification and monitoring systems to ensure optimum quality of water
  • Aquifer pump testing and yield analysis
  • Analysis of water quality with any recommendations for quality improvement
  • Capping artesian wells

Borehole maintenance contract

  • A contract includes an annual visit: this involves testing the pump to ensure that it's operating within its parameters, and ensuring your borehole is problem free
  • Water analysis
  • Priority borehole emergency callout and reduced labour charges
  • 10% discount on any replacement equipment, if required
  • If your issue is not covered by this list of maintenance services, call us because we're confident we can help.

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Borehole maintenance contract

To ensure your borehole is running at peak efficiency and to keep your water supply safe, regular borehole maintenance is essential.

Ensuring your water supply is regularly assessed and well-maintained significantly reduces the risk of breakdown or other issues. To set up a regular contract, or discuss maintenance options

Borehole repairs, water pumps, parts and supplies

Is your borehole blocked? Has your pump stopped?

Whatever your water borehole problem, we can fix it.

Borehole parts available include:

  • Submersible borehole water pumps
  • Multi-stage booster water pumps
  • Puddle sucking and drainage pumps
  • Water filters
  • UV filters
  • Pipes, valves and fittings

Igne will advise you on the best equipment for your particular application.

As an experienced water borehole installer and ground source heat pump specialist, we're your end-to-end service provider for borehole maintenance, repairs, supplies and even complete renovation

Borehole camera surveys and borehole repairs

We conduct borehole camera surveys to diagnose problems, using the latest technology.

We can provide camera surveys of boreholes and wells from as small as 50mm diameter and to a depth of over 300m. The equipment always provides accurate survey results enabling us to diagnose and then solve any issues such as blockages causing low flow.
Ours is a very portable survey system, making it ideal for domestic, agricultural, industrial and water bottling borehole surveys.

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Why carry out a borehole camera survey?

Borehole camera surveys can be used for preventative and diagnostic purposes such as:

  • Periodic inspections to ascertain borehole conditions can prevent any problems from occurring because potential issues can be identified earlier
  • To identify any existent borehole problems and to understand what is causing any water quality issues
  • It can provide detailed information about a borehole’s construction post-completion of works giving important data for future referral
  • A borehole camera survey can be used to identify borehole obstructions or reason for a collapse

For more information regarding any of our water well maintenance solutions, contact Igne today