Open Loop Geothermal Systems

These extract heat from groundwater or surface water and then return the cooled water to the source making them a green and sustainable heating and cooling solution.

Heating and cooling sustainably with Igne's geothermal solutions

Vertical open loop systems

These abstract groundwater which is circulated directly through a heat pump.

Due to the conductive nature and specific heat capacity of groundwater, an open loop system can deliver a large amount of energy from a single well or borehole.

Water is abstracted from the borehole, passed through a heat exchanger/pump system, and then either used as part of a grey-water supply system, or discharged to a surface water system, or discharged back underground.  A second borehole will be required if discharged.

Both abstraction and discharge require consents and licences which we can help you obtain.

A borehole producing 10 cubic metres/hour can supply 80kW. Sometimes energy loadings in excess of 500kW are possible.

We have extensive experience installing vertical open and closed loop systems.

Horizontal open loop systems

Horizontal open loop geothermal systems are a good option for sites where there is a plentiful supply of groundwater. They are also less expensive to install than vertical open loop systems. However, horizontal open loop geothermal systems require more land area than vertical open loop systems. 

How do horizontal open loop geothermal systems work?

The well pumps groundwater into the pipes, where it circulates and absorbs heat from the ground in the winter and transfers heat to the ground in the summer.

A heat pump is used to transfer the heat from the groundwater to the building's heating and cooling system.

The groundwater then returns to the well and the cycle continues.

It is important to note that horizontal open loop geothermal systems are not suitable for all locations. In some cases, the use of groundwater for geothermal energy can have negative environmental impacts, such as depletion of aquifers and contamination of water resources. It is important to work with a qualified professional to assess the suitability of a horizontal open loop geothermal system for your specific location.

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