Water Wells

Igne’s component companies have a combined experience of 350 years in the water well drilling industry: providing everything from preliminary hydrogeological surveys to maintenance contracts. 

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Igne’s team of experts are just a phone call away – they will provide you with free, no obligation consultations – helping you understand how a water well could benefit you or your business. 

During an initial consultation, Igne’s experts will explain the entirety of the installation process, including timeframes, opportunities for cost savings, and even how we can access restricted sites or deal with issues such as artesian pressure. 

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System Design and Installation

Igne will design and install a bespoke water delivery system for you based on elements such as the speed the water is released from the borehole, and the findings of water purity testing. 

Your borehole may have the capability to be used as a storage reservoir.  If the water release is slow, Igne’s team will install a storage tank to ensure reliable water flow. The specific pump selected will be dependent on your identified needs for the borehole. 


Hydrogeological Surveys

Prior to installing a borehole on your site, it is important to first establish whether a borehole is feasible. Igne will visit your site and you will receive a hydrogeological survey which will establish facts such as:

  • Groundwater potential: in which areas on your site, if any, is groundwater present in sufficient quantities for your needs? This question is typically answered using ground-penetrating radars.
  • Water table depth: the depth at which the water table is located. This determines how deep the borehole must go to access groundwater resources.
  • Water quality: what is the suitability of the groundwater? Igne will analyse the characteristics of the groundwater, such as its pH and chemical composition. If, for example, harmful contaminants were affecting water quality, Igne could then design a suitable filtration system.
  • Environmental considerations: will installing a borehole cause any negative environmental repercussions? 

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Pump and Water Testing

Igne will perform pump tests to determine the volume of water your borehole can produce and the speed at which this water can be released.

Thorough testing is conducted to determine the chemical and bacterial properties of the water.  This enables us to understand exactly what needs to be done to treat your water so it is not just fit for your consumption, but so that it is perfectly pure.

Igne will install a pre-filter and a UV system to sterilise your water, and will subsequently perform periodical analysis to ensure your water quality meets the highest safety standards.

Other water treatment methods may be required depending on the results of Igne’s tests.

Rest assured, with Igne your water supply system and water quality will be excellent.

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Supporting you

Licencing Applications

Igne understands that applying for a water abstraction licence can be a bureaucratic and confusing ordeal.

Thankfully, we can undertake the licencing application for you or support you through it: streamlining the borehole installation process, in addition to saving you significant time and money.

Also - you may not need an abstraction licence if your supply is for a single home. Allow us to advise you.

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Water Treatment

If necessary, based on Igne’s UKAS accredited tests, your borehole’s water will be treated to remove any chemical, bacteriological or sediment contaminants. 

Often, borehole water is pure, but if water treatment is required, Igne will install everything needed to correct issues such as discolouration, odour, taste, pH (acidity or alkaline), dissolved solids, bacteria, metallic deposits, nitrates (particularly in agricultural areas), and water hardness.

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the drilling process

Borehole Drilling and Lining

Igne has vast experience drilling boreholes for commercial and domestic clients across the UK. It has its own fleet of drilling rigs, and has worked for major water suppliers such as Severn Trent and Welsh Water.  Igne also assists the Environment Agency, National Power and Envireau Water.

Igne will manage the drilling process from start to finish.  By utilising its own fleet of rigs, Igne avoids using third-party equipment suppliers which can cause unforeseen delays and timeline complications.

The borehole drilling process typically goes as follows:

  • Pilot hole: a small hole is drilled as a guide. The technique used depends on the geological conditions of the site.
  • Drilling: the appropriate drill bit is attached to a drill string, and the drill rig penetrates the ground. The drill string is periodically removed to clean out the cuttings and, depending on the depth of the hole, the drill bit is occasionally changed.
  • Well casing: casing pipes are installed as the drilling continues. These pipes prevent contamination and provide structural support to the borehole.
  • Grouting: cement is injected between the borehole wall and the casing pipe to seal the borehole and stabilise the casing. Final checks and tests are then performed.

Once the drilling is completed, the borehole will be lined to ensure the efficient filtering of the water. Igne will also install an upper liner near the surface that protects your well against the intrusion of surface water and contaminants.  This is critical to protect the quality of your water, and ensure common winter floodings do not interrupt your supply.

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Igne offers borehole maintenance contracts that includes annual visits to test the pump and ensure your borehole is problem-free, water analysis, priority callouts for borehole emergencies, and a 10% discount on any replacements that may be necessary. To learn more, contact Igne today.

Additionally, Igne offers non-contractual maintenance services. Its services include, but are not limited to:

  • CCTV (camera) surveys which can identify any potential borehole issues,
  • Borehole rehabilitation, to improve water quality and pump supply, 
  • The removal and replacement of damaged pumps,
  • Filtration, purification, and monitoring systems installation,
  • Water quality analysis, 
  • The capping of artesian flows,
  • The testing of aquifer pumps and yield analyses, 
    and more…

Whether your borehole has stopped, you want to kickstart your own borehole installation project, or you are just looking for a free consultation: Igne is here to help. Contact our team of experts today to learn more.

For more information regarding any of our water well solutions, contact Igne today