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WHY igne was formed

Our clients are increasingly focused on operational resilience, affordability, new technologies and sustainability.

This affects the companies that supply these critical sectors. Today’s customers want actionable insight and critical services available on time, on budget, on scope.

Therefore, whilst the demand for high-quality site investigation and drilling services, and for water and energy resources from corporate and domestic customers remains intense, these services must be delivered more efficiently, effectively and sustainably than ever. To achieve this, excellence in terms of experience, expertise and equipment must be combined to ensure service delivery is integrated, through one supplier, not many.

This is why Igne was formed.

Igne offers high quality services shown as icons for site investigation, drilling, water resources and energy resources

In 2023, the best businesses in their respective fields combined to form Igne - ensuring service delivery for clients can be integrated - through one supplier - not many.

The best businesses in their respective fields were brought together as Igne to deliver integrated site investigation, testing, sustainable drilling, geo-environmental, geothermal and water supply services.

Igne’s team includes experienced engineers and skilled scientists who utilise specialist plant and equipment.

Igne’s size and reach means we have the capacity to deliver solutions nationwide.

Igne’s integrated offering ensures we can support the entire lifecycle of your project or simply supply a standalone service.

We are one company, with one team, working together to support you.

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Igne is the future of service delivery – it was formed through the consolidation of these core companies:

Allied Exploration & Geotechnics

Allied Exploration & Geotechnics

Established in 1988, AEG brought its UKAS accredited geotechnical and environmental investigation services across to Igne’s expert repertoire when it became part of Igne on October 2nd 2023.

DTS Raeburn

DTS Raeburn

Operational since the 1950s, providing geological, geotechnical, and environmental engineering services, DTS became Igne’s expert advisory arm when it joined Igne on the 2nd October 2023.

Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical

Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical

The Raeburn name has been synonymous with expert drilling services since the 1940s, their site investigation expertise added to Igne’s authority when it joined Igne on the 2nd October 2023.

Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical Northern

Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical Northern

Raeburn Northern has joined Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical and now brings its additional expert personnel and state of the art equipment to ensure Igne has the most diverse drilling fleet in the UK.

SafeLane Global (UK UXO)

SafeLane Global (UK UXO)

The addition of SafeLane’s UK UXO division means Igne’s clients benefit from unrivalled expertise in the mitigation of unexploded ordnance risk from Igne UXO Limited - part of Igne since it formed on the 2nd October 2023.

Terra Tek

Terra Tek

With UKAS and Mcerts accredited laboratories throughout the UK, Terra Tek delivered geotechnical testing of construction materials and site investigation solutions when it joined Igne on the 2nd October 2023.

WB+AD Morgan

WB+AD Morgan

Established in 1946, Morgans delivered sustainable water supply and clean, green geothermal energy for domestic and commercial clients alike to the Igne offering when it joined Igne on the 2nd October 2023.

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One team, one culture

By joining together as one team, united by a shared culture and standard of working.

We offer strength in depth and breadth of services and capabilities. We offer stand-alone or fully integrated services and can support an entire project’s lifecycle.

No matter which member of the Igne team you partner with, or which services we supply, the work will be carried out to the highest quality, by people you can trust, all working together to offer ideas and expertise that can save you valuable time and money.

With Igne, the job is always done right.

igne team expert delivering high quality services and saving money

The Future

Igne enables a project’s success through the provision of integrated or stand-alone solutions to site investigation, testing, UXO, geo environmental, geothermal energy and water supply challenges.

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igne operatives performing geotechnical and environmental investigation

Allied Exploration & Geotechnics

Allied Exploration & Geotechnics works to the highest standards in geotechnical and environmental investigation, offering a range of service from initial desktop study and investigation design, through to detailed site work operations and their associated reporting.

DTS Raeburn

DTS Raeburn helps clients understand the geological, geotechnical and environmental conditions of a prospective development site, minimising client risk in relation to purchasing or developing land.

DTS Raeburn helping a client to minimise their risk in developing land

Raerburn drilling & Geotechnical investigating a site in the uk

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical is a leading site investigation company, and a major player throughout the UK. Known for their quality and skill, Raeburn has decades of experience in delivering high quality, innovative and reliable drilling and geotechnical services across the UK.

Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical (Northern)

Raeburn Drilling Northern offers one of the largest and most diverse drilling fleets in the UK, capable of producing high-quality samples from all ground types, in all site conditions.  Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical (Northern) is ideally placed to serve its clients both in the immediate locality and throughout Northern Scotland, including the Highlands and Islands.

Raeburn drilling and geotechnical northern team producing high quality samples

igne  carrying out a uxo unexploded ordnance survey

SafeLane Global UK UXO

SafeLane Global UK UXO is expert in the field of unexploded ordnance risk mitigation. It has been protecting people and projects from the dangers of UXO since 1989.  Formerly known as BACTEC, it is the UK's most trusted unexploded ordnance company.  Its end-to-end services, expert staff and nationwide coverage ensure it is the number one choice

Terra Tek

Terra Tek provides on-site, in-situ and laboratory geotechnical testing for site investigation purposes, delivering quality assured services.  It has a long-established  and firm grounding in the construction materials testing and site investigation sectors.

Terra Tek testing on-site

Igne team drilling a borehole for a water well

WB & AD Morgan

WB & AD Morgan delivers reliable, sustainable water and geothermal energy supplies to residential and commercial clients, providing an end-to-end service from site surveys and licensing applications, through to borehole installation and system monitoring and maintenance.