Disinfecting boreholes

Igne is privileged to regularly support Envireau Water and their team of expert water scientists and engineers. Our most recent collaboration was on site for Fillongley Spring Water in Warwickshire.

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Supporting Fillongley’s safe and efficient supply of spring water

Fillongley Spring Water is sourced from deep, underground aquifers and bottled at source.

The company has an extremely efficient facility and offers high speed bottling, which is why the preservation of its boreholes and the maintenance of output were highly important factors for this particular contract. 

A joined-up phase of works

At Igne we have all equipment in house, meaning we can complete an entire phase of works for our clients – from surveys to installation, from licensing to servicing. 

On this occasion for Fillongley there were a number of actions to be taken, and we provided the following support.

Removing a borehole pump

We were tasked by Envireau Water to carefully remove the existing pump in one aquifer so that a CCTV survey could then be undertaken to assess the current state of this particular borehole.

Fillongley had had a second borehole drilled on site, so had the capacity to turn its first one off temporarily while the integrity of the entire hole was assessed, and any remedial action identified to ensure it remained in full working order.

Supporting CCTV surveys and equipment installation

A CCTV survey was undertaken to review the state of the borehole and to look at the state of its equipment.

Two new dip pipes were then installed so that further monitoring can be done in the future.  To enable this, we took the stainless-steel wellhead offsite and installed two new entries into it.

Changing the pump and cabling

 We took the opportunity to change the pump and cables at the same time, to prevent additional downtime in the near future. 

Adaptive solutions to complex water problems

Having been operational since the 1940s, it’s safe to say there are no borehole related problems we haven’t seen and overcome!  Ours is an adaptive problem-solving approach.

On this particular job, we had to come up with a way of recirculating the water whilst we disinfected the borehole with hypochlorite.  The method could not interrupt the bottling plant as they were fully operational at the time.

As you can see from the image, we tailored our adaptors to recirculate the water while production continued at full speed.

We then pumped to neutralize the hypochlorite before putting the wastewater into a suitable drain specified by client.

How can we help you?

From capping out of control artesian pressure to disinfecting a borehole without interrupting a bottling plant – there’s no problem too big for our team.

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