Cone penetration testing with Connor’s Rig

One of the reasons behind the UK land team’s decision to invest in Connor's Rig from Geomil earlier this year was to advance Igne's (formerly SafeLane) cone penetration testing (CPT) capability...

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What is cone penetration testing?

Cone penetration testing is an internationally accepted test method for determining geotechnical soil properties.

A cone penetration test rig pushes a steel cone into the ground; this steel cone contains an electronic measuring system that records tip resistance and sleeve friction.

Readings and measurements are recorded on a CPT rig’s computer and can be immediately assessed by geophysicists. 

Often used as part of an integrated ground investigation approach, CPT provides a fast and cost-effective means of quantifying the geotechnical and geo-environmental properties of soils - and of investigating potential unexploded ordnance (UXO) risks too of course.



The Geomil rig Igne chose was specifically selected because it’s so mobile and responsive that it can access even the most restrictive sites for clients.

After extensive testing, the rig was dedicated to Connor Sparrowhawk in June, and became operational immediately.

However, possibly because of the collective excitement around Connor’s Rig and the desire to deploy it to every single client site possible, the on-board computer had a bit of a meltdown! 


Igne's unique CPT capability

Fortunately, the team at Geomil rapidly deployed and replaced the entire system and stayed behind to deliver a week’s advanced training for Igne's operator and data interpreter teams.

Training included extensive operational training and technical data analysis for the geotechnical department, because unique to Igne is the ability to investigate UXO and geotechnical properties simultaneously.

So now, Connor’s Rig is going to be the first on call for all future CPT jobs as it is the most up to date, the most capable…and of course the most eye catching!



Geomil has signed off and certified the following Igne superstars:

Operators – Jaymie Hurst, Ian Broomhall, Thomas Grist, Phil Broomhall and James Downes.

Data interpretation – Liam Hopkins and Chris Evans.

Well done guys...