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Igne launch sees transformative merger of six leading companies to reshape pre-construction services in the infrastructure, energy and water sectors.

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·       The formation of Igne responds to the growing demand for high-quality site investigation and drilling services, as well as solutions in the water and energy sectors that need to be delivered with unmatched efficiency. Igne's vision is to consolidate excellence in these sectors and provide integrated service delivery through a single supplier

·       Igne has been formed from the amalgamation of six industry-leading businesses in the site investigation, geothermal, geo-environmental, unexploded ordnance (UXO), site testing and water supply services spaces

·       From 2nd October 2023, the following renowned businesses will rebrand to become Igne: SafeLane Global (UK UXO), WB and AD Morgan, Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical, including Raeburn Drilling Northern, Terra Tek, Allied Exploration & Geotechnics, and DTS Raeburn

In a transformative development for the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors, emerges as a result of the consolidation of industry titans with over 350 years of combined experience, who are determined to reshape the sector's approach to operational resilience, affordability and sustainability. 

The six companies that have now merged to form the foundation of Igne are renowned for their excellence in delivering critical services, and are listed as follows: 

·       SafeLane Global's UK-based unexploded ordnance business in Gillingham, with a rich history of providing exceptional UXO management services

·       WB and AD Morgan, who are recognised for their expertise in water well, geothermal and complex drilling services

·       Raeburn Drilling and Geotechnical, including Raeburn Drilling Northern, with its strong track record in site investigation

·       Terra Tek, one of the largest providers of in-situ and laboratory geotechnical and chemical testing services in the UK

·       Allied Exploration & Geotechnics, specialists in ground investigation

·       DTS Raeburn, boasting extensive experience in geo-environmental services

This new entity is a testament to the industry's commitment to evolution and excellence. By combining the strengths of these leading companies, Igne is uniquely positioned to deliver integrated solutions that address the multifaceted challenges within construction, infrastructure and energy ecosystems. Officially launching today, 2nd October 2023, Igne's mission is to enhance the built environment, foster sustainable communities and drive positive transformation. 

SafeLane's international land and marine divisions will retain the SafeLane Global brand, while its German operations will continue as SafeLane Deutschland.

Rob Hunter, CEO at, spoke about the launch:

"Igne is not just a merger, it's a promise to redefine how we deliver services to our clients. By combining the strengths and talents of multiple industry leaders, we are now better equipped than ever to provide a holistic, integrated approach to addressing the complex challenges within the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors. This merger signifies our commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence, and marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey. By delivering our collective expertise and solutions through one supplier, not many, the formation of Igne will enable us to shape the future of these vital industries, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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About Igne

Igne is a dynamic and forward-thinking company that launched in October 2023 and was formed from the merger of industry-leading firms specialising in site investigation, testing, UXO mitigation, geo-environmental services, and geothermal energy solutions.

By combining the expertise and resources of several renowned companies, Igne aims to provide integrated, sustainable, and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the construction, infrastructure, and energy sectors. Igne is committed to excellence, environmental responsibility, and driving positive change within these critical industries.