How we work fast to solve water borehole problems and keep production plants running

Private water supplies are an extremely important asset for thousands of factories and production plants across the United Kingdom.

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By paying for the installation of a private borehole, factories can pump up to 20,000 litres of water per day at no cost.  This makes boreholes an effective solution for reducing operating expenses whilst also being natural, sustainable, and renewable.

Igne is a leading water borehole installation and maintenance service provider for hundreds of factory clients.  Most recently, we were contracted to install a pump for the multinational beverage manufacturer Diageo and to remove and replace a pump for the dairy manufacturer Müller.

As this case study demonstrates, we have the expertise to work fast and efficiently to ensure production plants can remain operational and on track whilst we resolve all water borehole issues.

Pump installation for Diageo

Diageo contracted Igne to perform a pump installation for a pre-drilled borehole.

What is a borehole pump?

Borehole pumps utilise a motor driving shaft and impellers to draw fluid through a suction strainer.  The water then passes through to a diffuser and then discharges through a non-return valve, exiting the pump.  In other words, a borehole pump is responsible for extracting water from an aquifer!

Boreholes for liquor production

Diageo produces adult-flavoured beverages such as tequila, whiskey, beer, and rum!  For the production of these, water quality and pump reliability are essential.

When Diageo needed to install a borehole and replace a pump, they wanted a contractor that would do the job to the highest exacting standards whilst ensuring there was minimal disruption to Diageo’s production process.

Thanks to their reputation for always delivering, Igne was contracted to do the job, and committed to complete the installation as quickly as possible.

Our team installed stainless steel pipes (due to the metal’s high resistance to corrosion, strength, and ability to maintain water purity) and a pump control panel (along with a few value-added extras to help our client, such as a flow rate meter and a level meter).

The pump was installed 115 metres below ground and it’s now extracting 125 metres cubed of water per hour to meet the factory’s high demands.

Igne’s assistance on this project will help Diageo achieve their water stewardship goals.  Our expert team was able to quickly deploy to Scotland and meet Diageo’s requirements in a time-efficient manner, keeping production flowing.

Pump removal and replacement for Müller

Igne was subcontracted by Adi to work for Müller, the multinational company renowned for producing dairy products.  We were called in to remove and replace a pump and replace riser pipes.

What is a riser pipe?

A riser pipe is used to transport water from an aquifer to the surface of the ground.  Although metal risers have a long lifespan, they eventually do need replacing (time spans vary based on usage and ground conditions) to prevent them from failing.  Old risers can result in diminished borehole performance and water quality.

Replacing pipes and a pump quickly

Müller pre-emptively sought to replace their riser and pump to prevent a potential collapse in the future, which would cause significant disruptions to their production processes.

Like Diageo, Müller needed to keep any disruptions to their production processes to a minimum.  An insufficient mains water supply backup meant shutting down one of Müller’s two boreholes would create a water supply shortage to the entire production plant.  Therefore, through the expertise and skills of Igne’s team, the riser pipe and pump were replaced in just one fifteen-hour work-day.

Removing the riser pipes involved utilising a crane to raise segments of the pipe above ground, cutting them, and repeating until the pump reached the surface.  After doing this, Igne utilised a CCTV system to investigate the hole to ensure the conditions were suitable for the replacement riser.

Removing and replacing a 45 meter long riser pipe within a 24 hour window is a difficult task, but our expert team made it look easy.

Testimonial from Adi

Adi, the main contractor, had this to say about Igne’s excellent service:

“I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks for the great job down at Market Drayton today. [Igne’s] two team members are a real credit to the company, they were efficient, polite and went beyond and above to get the job done today.  The work was well received by Muller and went without any hitches…this has been a great experience and I look forward to us all doing more work together in the future.”

Pump service, installation or replacement

If you believe your pump or riser pipes are due for replacement, or if you are unsure and need guidance, contact Igne’s team via 0800 542 7613 or and we’ll give you our expert advice.