How do manufacturers benefit from water boreholes?

At Igne, we can help you achieve significant and long-term annual savings on your water costs.

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How do manufacturers benefit from water boreholes?

Economic recovery

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all - on a global scale. 

Due to this, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to reduce their costs.  For manufacturers with factories in particular, the pandemic has impacted demand, production, delivery and of course costs.

As the world tentatively opens up again, all sectors are doing their best to adapt and survive in the current climate.

To support your business, are you looking to cost saving methods to help make up for the hit Covid-19 caused?

At Igne, we can help you achieve significant and long-term annual savings on your water costs.

Private water borehole for your factory: long-term benefits

Often business owners believe they must rely on mains water supplies, or that there may be too many issues to overcome in a borehole installation.

In fact, any water drilling project on land you own is likely to get a green light. In addition, water boreholes can supply up to 20,000 litres of water a day.  Once the installation work has been done, there is no additional charge for this water.  It becomes your own, private supply.

If you are a heavier water user, as many manufacturers are, it’s likely you will need an abstraction licence from the Environment Agency to access sufficient water for your business.

We are proud to count the Environment Agency as one of our clients, meaning our team is well equipped and can handle the acquisition of an abstraction licence for you. 

The long-term benefits of installing a water borehole for your factory include... 

Cost saving

At Igne, we are experts in all things water.  This means we understand how vital water is for production processes in factories.

In bringing your own water supply in-house, the long-term annual cost saving benefits are significant and quickly realised.

You can discuss your return on investment with one of Igne’s experts.  We use your quarterly water bills to predict when you will start to see savings from your borehole investment.

Protect productivity

We understand that water pressure can be a vital component to productivity levels for some, and that it can impact on the end quality of a product.  For example, consistent pressure is essential for washes used on fabrics.

Water pressure can also impact how much can be produced in one day.

Variable water pressure makes it harder to ensure quality, map productivity, and leaves a crucial element of the process outside of your control.

Protect your productivity with your own water borehole.  Reap the rewards of consistent flow and water pressure all year round.

Ethical processing

Ethical, sustainable production processes are a hot topic across all sectors.

Consumers are putting demand on companies to understand how products are made and what efforts are being made to ensure the processes are kind to the environment.

Water boreholes are natural, sustainable, and renewable.  This can make your production processes more attractive to new, potential clients.

Don’t leak money

When water comes from the mains supplies, it has to travel through a network of pipes.  Leakages in these pipes can impact your water pressure and wastes water. 

The wasted water can impact your usage costs, it's essentially money down the drain.

When reliant on the mains, you’re not in control of pipe maintenance.  Leaks can be missed, or when they are discovered it can be a logistical challenge to organise a fix. 

With your own water borehole, you don’t need to worry about leaking money.  Our maintenance contracts, ensure our clients’ boreholes are optimally operational 24/7.

Water experts: Igne

Over the last 70 years, Igne has been working to provide long-term, annual savings to clients across a range of sectors.

We are proud to work with manufacturing clients including Coca-Cola, Bulmers, and Danone and would be delighted to count you among our client base.

As an end-to-end service provider, we manage the installation process from start to finish and have all expertise and equipment in house – saving you time and money.

Due to the in-house management of this process, we have developed techniques to drill through a range of tough conditions, from clay to green sands.  Therefore, whatever challenges your ground may present, our team has the experience needed to design the best possible way forward.

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Using your quarterly bills, the team can also provide an approximation of when you’ll start to enjoy the long-term savings.

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