Protecting water borehole wellheads with cutomised cabinets

Water borehole wellheads need protecting. At Igne, we can create a bespoke cabinet for your wellhead and install it - whether it's for water or heat. We pride ourselves on the provision of clean, safe water and reliable supplies.

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Protecting water borehole wellheads with custom designed cabinets

We recently designed, built, and installed one of our standard wellhead cabinets at a National Grid power station.  But what is a wellhead cabinet, why are they important for boreholes, and do you need one if you have a water borehole? 

What is a wellhead? 

After the installation of a water borehole, the most visible part of your system is the wellhead, it is the structure built over the casing and the cap to protect your water from contamination.  

The wellhead is critical to maintaining the integrity of your water supply, therefore you should prioritise its protection.  You can do this by housing it in a cabinet. 

What are wellhead cabinets? 

Wellhead cabinets provide weatherproofing and security for your wellhead, and our cabinets are custom designed to ensure our clients’ wellheads remain up to the standards required by private water regulations, and do not corrode.   

The cabinets are lockable too, to provide enhanced security, preventing unauthorised individuals from accessing your borehole. 

The added protection a wellhead cabinet provides ultimately prevents wear and tear, and ensures the integrity of your water supply. 

Our latest wellhead cabinet installation 

At Igne, we fitted a wellhead cabinet on top of a borehole that our engineers had previously installed at a National Grid power station site.  

The cabinet included a nitrate removal unit, ensuring the water is safe to drink and meets the drinking water regulations, variable speed pump controllers which improve reliability and consistency of supply, a UV steriliser to remove any bacteria from the water without altering taste, and a pre-filter.  

We added further weather protection by placing a thermostatically controlled heater within the cabinet.  

We protect all our clients’ water boreholes, because we pride ourselves on the provision of clean, safe water and reliable supplies.  For new clients with existing boreholes, we install wellhead cabinets over existing boreholes to bring non-compliant headworks up to date. 

Whether your current borehole needs some TLC or you’re planning to install a new one for water or heat – contact us today, and we will be delighted to help and advise you.