Testing water quality after flooding

Flood water may be contaminated with bacteria, protozoa, parasites, viruses (micro organisms) or other substances – which in turn can find their way into drinking water, including private supplies such as a borehole.

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Safe drinking water is essential for the health of everyone.

Private supplies can be at risk from flood water. Although they may be designed and managed to the same high standards as public water supplies, floods bring more immediate dangers.

Homes, hospitals, factories, poultry and livestock farmers and food and drink processors are among many private supply users.

Test your water supply annually - especially following flooding

Advice from our borehole experts is available now.  They can conduct a water test to give homeowners and business managers peace of mind.

Testing a water supply should be carried out at least annually.  This will reveal any potential dangers.  And if you have been affected by flooding, ensure your supply is checked.

General Manager Richard Lane explains : “The recent floods highlight the potential risks to water supplies. We’ve been at the forefront of water safety for decades and can help homes and businesses stay safe”.

Contact us to have your private commercial or domestic water supply checked.