Water borehole for wash plants

In this case study, we explain how our client, the owner of a new wash plant supplied by CDE, trusted Igne to install a private water supply after another contractor failed to successfully drill through challenging ground conditions.

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Our client specialises in cleaning rubble and extracting valuable aggregates for reuse or resale.  Operating in an environmentally conscious manner, they sought a reliable water supply solution to sustain their operations while minimising environmental impact and reducing costs.

With the new CDE wash plant in place, they required a substantial water source to fill 2 x 20,000-litre tanks.  Previous attempts by a borehole contractor to drill for water had failed three times due to challenging sandy geological conditions on site.

This repeated failure posed a significant obstacle to their operations, water sustainability goals and even their long-term commercial viability.

Recognising the critical need for a sustainable water supply, they turned to Igne for a second opinion.  

Leveraging our expertise in drilling and water management, we embarked on a comprehensive approach to addressing their specific requirements.

The steps we took:

Borehole drilling: a highly experienced team from Igne’s well division commenced drilling a 150-meter deep borehole, overcoming the sandy geological challenges through the utilisation of the correct drilling methodology and muds.

We meticulously drilled, installed, and grouted a 168mm casing to 100m, ensuring structural integrity and stability.  Continuing drilling into the chalk formation, we reached the desired depth of 150m.

Pump testing and installation: following successful drilling operations, we conducted rigorous pump testing to assess water flow and ensure the viability of the supply.

We then installed a wellhead, pump, and controls, optimising the water extraction process for efficiency and reliability.

Our client took charge of installing the chamber which completed the setup.

By trusting Igne, our client achieved a sustainable and dependable water supply solution tailored to their wash plant operational needs.  The successful installation of the borehole has provided them with a cost-effective alternative to mains water, ensuring uninterrupted production while mitigating environmental impact.

The key benefits of installing a private borehole for wash plant owners

Cost savings: With a private water supply in place, you will reduce reliance on costly mains water supply, leading to substantial cost savings over time.  We can even determine at what point you will be cost positive if this will help you achieve funding for your borehole.

Reliability: our drilling expertise is unparalleled – we can successfully navigate any geological challenge.  This ensures we can install you a consistent and reliable water supply, optimising your operational efficiency.

Environmental sustainability: By extracting water from underground aquifers, our clients minimise strain on surface water bodies and reduces their ecological footprint.

Drought resistance: With a private water supply secured, you are insulated from potential drought restrictions on mains water, safeguarding your operations against future uncertainties.

Partner with us for your water supply needs - and experience the massive positive difference reliability, sustainability, and cost-efficiency bring to your commercial operations.