Solar powered water pumps

When a farmer needed to conservation graze a site of special scientific interest (SSSI), he turned to Igne to solve his water supply challenges.

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The elevated SSSI in rural Shropshire wasn’t naturally supplied with water; this was an obstacle preventing cattle grazing the site.  However, there was a suitable and accessible natural spring lower down the slopes.

Assessing the sustinability of the spring

This spring was already being used for water supply elsewhere on the farm.  Once we determined it had sufficient capacity to also supply the cattle, we utilised the existing chamber and installed a solar powered pump to gravity feed the drinking troughs from a master trough at the highest point on the SSSI. 

Powered purely by the sun, the pump we installed is capable of lifting the water up a further 60 meters from the source – ample to reach the cattle troughs.

Grant funded green energy solutions to water supplies

As this was an entirely sustainable and green solution to an environmentally sensitive issue, our client was given a grant for the works from Natural England.

Whether you’re in a remote location with no electricity supply, have an unreliable supply or need to ensure your installation doesn’t negatively impact the natural environment, our green solutions to your water pumping needs could be ideal.

At Igne, we are your end-to-end water well experts.  This means we can support you at any or every stage of the supply process, from hydrogeological assessment, through licencing, drilling, test pumping, geophysical logging to the design and installation of a suitable pumping solution.

Why is solar energy suitable for sustainable water pumping solutions?

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power.  It can help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, reduce carbon, protect the environment, and save you money.

In 2019, water companies in England pledged to reach net zero on operational carbon emissions by 2030.  Water companies in Scotland and Wales have committed to achieving carbon neutrality across all emissions by 2040, with a pledge from Northern Ireland to deliver the same target in line with UK national requirements, by 2050.  If yours is a supply independent of the national water companies’, you can reach net zero even sooner with a solar pump from Igne.  The green energy pumping solutions we offer include Grundfos solar powered pumps

The benefits of a solar energy water pump

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits of green energy, there are discernible financial benefits to installing a solar panel powered pump.  The energy is free at source saving you on electricity costs and saving potentially hundreds of kilograms of CO₂ every year.  And with the potential of grant funding available, isn’t it time you explored Igne’s water supply solutions?

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