Drilling a water borehole for the world’s largest beverage company

To facilitate the production of the world’s largest beverage company's specific vapour-distilled water product, into which electrolytes are added, Igne recently drilled a new abstraction borehole in Northumberland.

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Revenue in the bottled water market is projected to reach US$306,444m in 2021.  Unsurprisingly, the world’s largest beverage company enjoys a significant market share, both in its home country the US, and in the UK.

To facilitate the UK production of their specific vapour-distilled water product which is enhanced with electrolytes, they recently commissioned Igne to drill an abstraction borehole at their bottling site in Morpeth, Northumberland.

How we drilled the borehole to supply British spring water 

The company needed a new abstraction borehole to enhance their supply and allow for future expansion.

As there were known to be difficult ground conditions on site, with broken coal seams likely to cause issues when drilling the well, the client knew they needed a safe and experienced pair of hands.

As Igne is well known to the drinks’ manufacturer, as we have worked for them successfully in the past, we got the call.

To overcome the difficult ground conditions, we used multiple strings of casing.  We used both mild steel and stainless steel; this enabled us to support the broken, fractured ground.

Any issues encountered during the process, such as flush and grout loss, were immediately addressed and successfully dealt with by the team. 

There is no drilling issue that we have not encountered and overcome in our decades of water well installations.

A smart new water borehole 

Using reverse circulation drilling, which uses dual wall drill rods that consist of an outer drill rod with an inner tube, the drill cuttings were transported back to the surface in a continuous, steady flow.

We drilled this particular abstraction well using our Knebel drilling rig, maintaining an immaculate site whilst working safely through the strictest Covid restrictions.

The well will now be test pumped in line with Environment Agency stipulations, delivering up to 70,000 litres an hour.  The permanent pump will then be installed.

Here is a testimonial from the client’s health and safety consultants, Potentia:

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Igne’s and it would be a pleasure to work with them again on future projects.  Igne’s colleagues have been thoroughly professional throughout the works and were friendly, helpful, extremely knowledgeable and their work ethic is second to none.  Health and Safety is observed throughout their works which is to a high and quality standard.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish Igne’s all the very best for the future.” 

Water boreholes for water bottlers

At Igne not only do we work for the world’s largest soft drink company, but we have drilled and continue to service water boreholes for many of the country’s leading drink’s producers including Ty Nant, Radnor Hills, Brecon Carreg and Danone.

Additionally, we drill and maintain wells for water suppliers such as Severn Trent and Welsh Water.

In other words, we are water borehole experts – and we can help you whether you’re a commercial or a domestic customer.  Join our satisfied client base and save thousands of pounds with your own sustainable and safe water supply.

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