Intrusive surveys for pile positions

Igne is conducting intrusive surveys of a brown field construction site in Swansea.

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Igne was contacted by a construction client that regularly uses its unexploded ordnance (UXO) and commercial drilling services.

The client had secured a site in Swansea, South Wales for the development of residential units.

Intrusive UXO surveys on a brownfield site

The brown field site had been categorised as at medium risk of encountering UXO  via a 3rd party report.

Igne initially mobilised a drilling rig and survey truck to site, having already notified the client that the gravel-based geology would potentially create issues for this survey methodology.

Overcoming challenging ground conditions to advance intrusive surveys

A section of the site was sampled, and it became clear that our advice regarding ground conditions was correct.  The conditions prevented intrusive survey works utilising a lorry mounted hydraulic push method to reach the required bomb penetration depth.

Igne's engineers briefed the client and it was agreed that the project would be continued using a drill rig.

The knock-on effect of this was an extension in programme due to a lower number of surveys being completed per day.

This created issues for the client as the piling contractor was ready to commence works.

Problem solving with additional assests

Igne responded and solved the client’s issue by mobilising additional drilling assets to site to maximise production.

Works are ongoing and the required bomb penetration depth is being reached.