Intrusive UXO surveys for pile foundations

Igne conducted over 3,300 intrusive UXO surveys at London's Royal Albert Dock, to ensure the proposed pile foundation locations were free from WWII ordnance.

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The Royal Albert Dock site in London is considered to be a high risk location in terms of the likelihood of encountering unexploded ordnance (UXO) on site, dating back to WWII.

So, when a renowned international contractor planned to develop 46 acres of the site for residential and commercial use, it appointed Igne to provide comprehensive UXO risk mitigation services.

Intrusive UXO surveys for pile foundations

Igne conducted over 3,300 intrusive UXO surveys to provide full matrix clearance for the site, for buildings between 4 and 10 storeys high.

As the subcontractor on site providing UXO risk mitigation services, Igne's responsibilities included provision of all management, people, equipment, plant, materials and any other resources necessary to carry out and complete the extensive survey works.  Igne also took responsibility for all the setting-out.

Igne also removed any existing slab, by coring or breaking, to allow the UXO surveys to be conducted into the underlying strata, as required.

How Igne cleared over 3,300 pile foundation locations

On a site of this size, with up to 5 rigs working concurrently, it invariably meant there were many other contractors, professionals and subcontractors involved at all levels. 

In order to achieve the primary objective of safe clearance it was imperative that Igne staff communicated well with all involved throughout the project.

Therefore, Igne maintained the same project manager throughout the process to ensure the planning and delivery of the project was smooth, consistent and efficient for the client. 

Igne effectively integrated with the client as a part of their wider team, pre-empting issues and ensuring everyone was kept safe and informed at all times.

Following completion of the surveys, Igne collated and interpreted all data, compiling a detailed report for the client to enable them to drive their pile foundations and construct.