Installation of ground source heat pump boreholes

Igne’s engineering team is installing an environmentally friendly ground source heat pump solution for a domestic client in Cheltenham.

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Installing ground source heat pump boreholes

Igne's engineering team is working on a domestic construction site in Gloucestershire. 

They are supporting an ambitious domestic restoration, extension and enhancement project of a picturesque Victorian villa by installing boreholes for a ground source heat pump (GSHP) solution.

Based in the small village of Gretton, 9 miles north of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, upon completion the house will boast a gym, garages, a lake and a subterranean swimming pool heated using the newly installed ground source heat pump.  

Igne’s environmentally friendly approach to a heating and cooling brief

Igne was provided a design by the client’s consultants which stipulated 4 x 100m deep boreholes would be sufficient to support the installation of 32mm single loop probes for environmentally friendly energy to heat and cool the property.

They also agreed the installation of a water supply borehole with the client if sufficiently large amounts of ground water are encountered during the GSHP installation.

Igne has the technical capabilities and equipment to install this if appropriate. 

Drilling methodology

The team is currently in the process of drilling the boreholes for the installation of the 32mm single loop probes.  The loops will be installed using a hydraulic loop realer to ensure the loop is installed to the very bottom of the hole.

The grout will then be installed with a tremie pipe to ensure that it’s also installed to full depth and no air gaps are left around the installation, otherwise it would experience a reduction in thermal response.

Thermally enhanced bentonite grout will be used.  Bentonite clay is a natural clay with a fine, soft texture that in GSHP grout form also has added thermal properties.

Managing challenging ground conditions to deliver renewable energy

The drilling team, Chris and Ray, are battling difficult ground conditions on a daily basis, caused by the typically wet British weather!

Fortunately, the boggy and slippery conditions are no match for Igne’s newest drill rig.  And luckily, the Igne engineers have experience working in a range of conditions and are unphased by the testing circumstances … although they are more than a little muddy!

Borehole and GSHP quality assurance

Once the boreholes have been drilled and the loops have been installed and grouted, the team will use water to conduct a pressure test to make sure there are no leaks in the pipework.

Once this quality assurance check has been completed the next phase is the header works.

Pipework is installed into trenches that run from the boreholes to a manifold chamber where the pipework is then fusion welded.

From this point, the GSHP installers can make connections to the heat pump and the system is then commissioned.

The client will then be able to take renewable heat from the ground.  The GSHP can also be used in reverse operation during the summer to provide cooling for the building, ensuring a true year-round renewable energy source.

The benefits of ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) save carbon emissions and provide a safe, silent, unobtrusive method of keeping a property the perfect temperature all year round.

A GSHP transfers heat between a property and the ground, working similarly to a fridge, by transferring heat from one space to another.

When used for domestic purposes, ground source heat pump solutions are eligible for the Government’s domestic renewable heat incentive.

What is ground source heat?

  • a green, renewable energy source
  • able to provide financial savings on energy costs

What can ground source heat pumps provide?

  • an increase in property value
  • both cooling and heating

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