A better and reliable domestic water supply

The Wilds were faced with an inconsistent water supply, with their private spring drying up over the summer months - so they contacted us to drill a borehole.

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Mr and Mrs Wild could not have a mains water supply, yet they found their private spring was not reliable enough to provide them with enough water for their domestic property.

Explaining the issues they faced, Mr Stanley Wild advised: ‘The water level had been up and down and the system had silted up, even when we had water, there wasn’t much of a head.’

The Wilds researched their options for a private water supply, and looked at the geology of their area on the National Geographic Society’s website. What they discovered, along with the fact that the neighbouring farm had a successful borehole supply, convinced them that a water borehole was the answer.

‘We did consider a 900 gallon storage tank at the side of the spring, but we weren’t sure – given a dry summer – that this would guarantee us a supply.’

So, they contacted us and we carried out a geological survey of their land and found a spot, well away from their septic tanks for a water borehole.

Our drilling team went down to 40 metres and tapped into a supply equivalent to 4,000 gallons a day – far more than enough for the Wilds!

Commenting on the success of their decision, Mr Wild explained: ‘It was a capital outlay we weren’t expecting, but when you consider we’re looking at 30 years of retirement here, it was essential that we sorted the water supply out. Now when we look back, it does seem a good thing that we ran out of water because we have a better and totally reliable supply thanks to the borehole from Igne.’

If you have an unreliable supply we will be able to diagnose the problem, and potentially solve the issue.  Alternatively, we will be able to advise you on the best options for installing a borehole on your property for a totally reliable supply.

If you want to reduce your mains water bill, or become totally self-sufficient for water, contact us today to discuss all your options with our knowledgeable and experienced team.  We look forward to speaking to you.