Water boreholes for irrigation systems

Arable farms, and other heavy water using businesses such as golf courses, can save significant sums of money with a private supply for their irrigation purposes...and we can support the entire licencing and installation process.

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According to the Natural Environment Research Council, the frequency and severity of droughts in the UK is predicted to change; heavy water users need to prepare now for inevitable future water shortages.  

Additionally, water charges are rising across much of England and Wales.  Therefore, the time is right for those who use irrigation systems to consider installing a private water borehole.

Arable farms, and other heavy water using businesses such as golf courses, can save significant sums of money with a private supply for irrigation purposes, as this article will demonstrate.

A private water well also offers a sustainable alternative to relying on traditional mains water and ensures improved supply reliability, making this an ideal solution for forward-thinking businesses that want to overcome the stresses of droughts and the pressures of price increases.

Three main benefits of private water boreholes for irrigation

1. Cost savings

One of the primary reasons for considering a private water borehole is the substantial cost savings it can provide you with in the long run.  Unlike relying solely on mains water for watering crops or grass, which comes with hefty usage fees and treatment costs, private boreholes offer a more cost-effective alternative.

Firstly, in England and Wales you can utilise up to 20 cubic meters of water per day without needing a licence, (in Scotland it’s 50 cubic meters).  This provides significant savings on water procurement expenses. 

Secondly, the water extracted from private boreholes for irrigation typically requires far less treatment compared to mains water – creating additional savings. 

All mains water is universally treated to ensure it is up to potable (drinking) standards, whereas water for irrigation from a private supply will need no (or very limited) treatment intervention.  This can bring significant savings too. 

2. Reliability of supply

Water scarcity and droughts are becoming increasingly prevalent due to climate change and growing water demand.  For arable farmers and golf courses heavily reliant on water for irrigation, securing a reliable supply is paramount to operations and sustainability.

Private water boreholes offer a dependable and uninterrupted water supply, irrespective of external factors such as droughts or water restrictions imposed by authorities.  This reliability not only safeguards against supply disruptions, but also provides flexibility and autonomy in water management, allowing you to optimise usage according to your specific needs without external constraints. 

3. Environmental sustainability

Beyond cost savings and reliability, private water boreholes contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing reliance on strained municipal water sources and minimising the carbon footprint associated with water transportation and treatment.  

By tapping into on-site groundwater resources, your business can actively participate in water conservation efforts and promote sustainable practices within your industry.

Partnering with Igne for your irrigation borehole

Navigating the complexities of installing a private water borehole requires expertise and experience in hydrogeology, drilling techniques, and regulatory compliance.  This is where Igne steps in as your trusted partner.  Igne is the new name for both WB&AD Morgan and Raeburn Water Wells, which both have decades of experience installing water wells across all terrains and even in challenging ground conditions.

Our team of experts will assess your site's geological characteristics, recommend the best location for a well, and deploy our advanced drilling technologies which can overcome even the most challenging ground conditions.  

We also provide comprehensive guidance on regulatory requirements, install water storage and treatment solutions, and maintain your supply - ensuring both compliance and hassle-free 24/7 operations.

Calculating cost neutrality and beyond

We know that understanding the financial implications of an investment in a private water borehole is crucial for your business.  At Igne we utilise sophisticated tools and analysis to calculate when your borehole installation will reach cost neutrality.  

By factoring in installation costs, water savings, and operational efficiencies, Igne empowers businesses to make informed decisions and maximise returns on their water infrastructure investments.

As you can see, the benefits of installing a private water borehole for irrigation extend far beyond immediate cost savings, encompassing supply reliability, environmental sustainability, and long-term profitability.  Partnering with a reputable and experienced provider like Igne ensures seamless implementation, regulatory compliance, and optimised outcomes for your water management needs.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling – we will talk you through the process, answer all your questions and give you our best advice.  Don’t delay, because as early spring turns to summer, water costs will rise and scarcity may increase.  Future-proof your supply with Igne.