Could you benefit from a water borehole?

It is a common misconception that it is necessary to rely on mains water supplies. However, the headache of red tape and planning permission can be a major deterrent for any project…

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Could you benefit from a water borehole? 

The myth of the mains: moving away from mains water supplies

It is a common misconception that it is necessary to rely on mains water supplies. However, the headache of red tape and planning permission can be a major deterrent for any project…

Often the thinking is that a water wells project is more trouble than it is worth.

The reality is any landowner has the right to drill a borehole, without the need for planning permission.

20,000 liters of water a day - for free

At Igne, we have used our 70 years of experience to devise an efficient, 7-step borehole installation process. Boreholes can benefit domestic and commercial properties. 

On average, a domestic property uses only 350 litres a day. With a borehole, you could extract up to 20,000 liters of water for free, every day without needing any licensing.

If your business requires more than 20,000 liters of water a day, the abstraction license process can be absorbed into your project. Our team of experts handle everything for you, in house.

How could you benefit from your own, private water supply?

Domestic properties 

Say goodbye to water bills or meter charges, your borehole supply will provide you with more than enough free water.

Water your lawn, fill a swimming pool, make a water slide, you don’t need to worry about hosepipe bans with your own water well.

Up to 70% of mains water comes from recycled wastewater! In order for this water to be usable, it needs to be treated with chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. Water from boreholes is typically a much higher quality, so you can enjoy a better, natural solution.

Love your power shower? When coming from mains water supplies, water has to travel through a vast network of pipes. This journey from storage to your tap can impact the pressure. With a borehole, your water pressure can be more reliable. 

Hospitality - hotels and resorts

For hoteliers and holiday park owners, water consumption is a vital cost consideration as it needs to be absorbed into the room rates. Therefore, increases in water bills are a concern for the hospitality sector and could impact profitability. 

Water pressure and quality is also a concern for guests. When staying away from home, we’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with the shift from ice cold to scalding hot water, or the 7am or 6pm drops in pressure.

This experience can be a cause for complaint or bad reviews.

With a water borehole, these issues become a thing of the past. Once the project is complete, you own the water. This means the long term cost saving benefits are significant. Discuss projected return on investment timelines with our experts.

In addition, boreholes can also provide water that boasts a higher mineral content and more reliable pressure, resulting in happier guests who loved their 7am shower! 

Leisure - outdoor sporting facilities

To keep facilities in excellent condition, football clubs, golf courses, cricket grounds and large outdoor training facilities require a lot of water. The water costs associated with maintenance can be significant.

When hosepipe bans occur, outdoor sporting facilities suffer as a result. Both terrain and shower facilities can be impacted as a result.

With 20,000 liters of free water, you can beat the ban and enjoy significant, long term savings.

Property development

Better pressure, lower costs for owners, and higher water quality provide property developers with an attractive alternative to mains water. 

Depending on the depth, one borehole could provide water for 50 properties.  This will provide new property owners with free water from the day they move in.

As environmental concerns become more pressing, buyers are putting pressure on all markets to provide sustainable solutions.  This extends to the housing market as sustainable properties are becoming increasingly desirable.

When a property is being developed far away from the mains connections, there will be a cost to connect to the mains supply.  When cost is already involved, why not invest in a private supply that boasts long term savings for homeowners?


Factories are extremely high water users. Whether your business produces food, chemicals, or clothing water costs can be significant.

This means a water well provides long term, cost saving solutions for factories and a rapid return on investment.

In addition to this, water pressure in some sectors can impact productivity.  For example, in apparel when a certain amount of pressure is needed to provide a certain fabric wash, a drop in pressure can impact how much work can be completed in a day and the quality of the end product. 

With your own boreholes, you can enjoy consistent flow and pressure, whatever the season Worrying about the impact of droughts becomes a thing of the past.  The increase in pressure could result in lower costs and higher productivity, resulting in a greater potential for profit for you.

When installing your own borehole, the maintenance of your water supply becomes significantly easier.  Leakages in pipes are a regular issue when your water usage is high.  This wasted water literally becomes money down the drain. When relying on mains supplies, you may lack visibility of these leaks or face logistical challenges in having them fixed.

You are in control of fixing these leaks when you own a private water supply. With annual maintenance, Igne can help protect the condition of your borehole, providing you with a cost-saving solution that will last at least 30 years.


With the responsibility of caring for crops and livestock, water costs for the agricultural sector can be significant.

Boreholes provide a long term, cost effective solution to water management for the sector.

The return on investment for the agricultural sector is typically rapid, due to the demand for watering.

When using your own private supply, you will no longer be subjected to hosepipe bans, providing you with more flexibility and ease everyday.

As the water has less distance to travel from your own supply vs the main, you will typically enjoy an increase in water pressure. This increased pressure is ideal for irrigating crops.

Livestock and cattle prefer well water, making caring for them that little bit easier and resulting in an end product that boasts a higher quality.

Igne - the water experts

Whatever your reason for needing a borehole, our expert team has the skills and expertise to manage the entire process for you. We are proud to be an end-to-end service provider, meaning we use no third parties. 

We provide a full, itemised transparent costing document with an estimate of how long it will take you to earn your money back. This estimate is based on your quarterly water usage.

The combination of our experience and our in-house drilling capabilities means we have experience in drilling through a range of ground conditions. Have you been told a borehole isn’t an option due to drilling related challenges? Consult our team for a second opinion.

We are proud to have worked with clients that include Coca-Cola, Severn Trent Water, and NPower.

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