Unexploded bomb find

There are some stories that are so extraordinary you couldn't make them up - this story of an unexpected unexploded bomb find by a Igne EOD expert out for a stroll is one such story!

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Clearing unexploded ordnance in the southeast

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, Igne's explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams must remain operational to support critical projects in the UK, and protect key workers potentially exposed to unexploded threats.

Once such project being supported in the southeast of England is a time critical unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance job.

Igne's teams are maintaining strict social distancing rules - and working against the tide rather than the clock - as they clear a coastal area at risk from serious erosion.

An unexpected find

As you can imagine, searching for explosive hazards is a stressful job that requires intense concentration - therefore, when a break comes, it's not unusual for Igne's teams to take time out, away from the job to clear their heads.

Last week, one of our amazing EOD engineers, George Wood (AKA Gorgeous George!) took his break on a nearby deserted beach. 

Whilst walking and enjoying the view and the peace and quiet - unbelievably he not only came across a load of 6inch projectiles, he found an unexploded 50kg German air dropped bomb!

Call the bomb squad!

Of course, George knew exactly what to do, and having made the area safe, he called his finds in and awaited the arrival of the Army's bomb squad. 

They arrived and made the decision to detonate the explosive items in situ on the deserted beach.

Luckily the client didn't mind that George was a bit late back from his lunch break - after all, he was busy doing what Igne does, making the world a safer place.