Drilling a replacement water abstraction borehole

The Igne team has been on site in Norfolk this month, drilling a replacement water abstraction borehole for an agricultural client.

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The borehole will be used to supply an irrigation system to maintain the perfect water balance for essential food crops.

The original irrigation borehole had collapsed, which was why the client called in the experts from Igne to help.

Solving water borehole problems 

It’s not unusual for us to be called in to solve borehole issues that others have been unable to fix – after all, we have over 70 years’ experience and can solve any problem – from complex ground conditions to artesian pressure.

In this particular case, we built our plan of works around the client’s need to keep their vegetables irrigated throughout the summer season. 

As soon as the time was right, we mobilised to site to decommission the old borehole and ensure it was sealed up safely.

As well as drilling the replacement water abstraction borehole, we also removed the pump from the old borehole and overhauled it.

After a full service and test, the pump is fully operational again and will be installed into the newly drilled borehole in time for the next phase of irrigation.

A new water abstraction borehole for crop irrigation

The replacement water borehole has been pump tested in line with Environment Agency standards.  It will provide 60,000 litres an hour for the largescale reel irrigation system when in full flow.

The water abstraction borehole has been drilled to 60m below ground level; the finished installation diameter was 300mm to allow sufficient space for the installation of the 6inch 150mm pump.

Pictured is Igne engineer Jordan Griffiths.

Could you save £££ with a private water supply? 

If you’re spending a small fortune to irrigate crops or water livestock, it’s time you discovered the significant savings a water abstraction borehole will bring.

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If you already have a water borehole and it’s underperforming or your pump needs a service, give us a call 01544 267 980 and our engineers will help diagnose and solve problems to ensure yours is an optimally performing supply.