Supporting St John Fisher’s school during the global pandemic

SafeLane's HR Manager Sharon Hemingway organised the donation of 5 laptops to St John Fisher's school to help learning and engagement.

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Igne supports St John Fisher’s school during global pandemic

A shift to digital

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an even greater reliance on digital communications. 

Across all sectors, from commercial to non-profit, everyone has had to think creatively about how to use technology to adapt and overcome the current climate.

Igne has been fortunate enough to have a set up that enabled a smooth transition from being in the office to working from home (thanks, IT team!).

For schools, the online shift has been significantly more challenging.

Teachers have had to adapt to delivering lessons and setting class and homework remotely.  Luckily, Joe Wicks took care of lockdown PE for the nation.

As well as sorting out the best approach from a software point of view, there has been an increased need for laptops to enable effective working for both teachers and students.

The donation

The Igne Gillingham office had five laptops that were no longer in use or needed by the team. 

Rather than allowing them to sit and gather dust, the team began to think about ways they could use these to help the local community.

Igne’s HR Manager Sharon Hemingway began discussions with St John Fisher’s primary school to see if they could benefit from the laptops.

Supporting the learning and engagement of students

The laptops enable a more flexible approach to working from home for the school during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to this, they will be used to help and support the learning and engagement of students.

As the world continues to navigate through uncertain times, supporting each other and building relationships within the community is more important now than ever.

After the laptops had been given a thorough cleaning, the socially distanced handover took place on Tuesday 29th September between Assistant Headteacher Ian Jordan and Sharon Hemingway. 

Igne is proud to have helped support the local community and its team in Gillingham hope the laptops make the digital transition a little easier.