Ian and James raising money for charity

Ian Broomhall and James Downes are exhibiting #TheIgneSpirit by taking on a tough challenge to raise much needed funds for two exceptional charities.

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Igne's staff go above and beyond - their work globally saves lives every single day.

It's no surprise therefore, that even when they're enjoying down time they take on magnificent feats to benefit others's what's known as  #TheIgneSpirit...

The latest two fabulous examples embodying this spirit are Ian Broomhall and James Downes.

Ian Broomhall and the Aberdovey Ride

Ian is a technical operator of Igne's fleet of unexploded ordnance intrusive survey rigs, and recently helped with the dedication of #ConnorsRig, demonstrating it to his family, and letting Connor's brother Tom drive it.

Ian is taking on a 105 mile bike ride - from Wolverhampton to Aberdovey... riding to raise funds for Children with Cancer.

Having undertaken the same ride last year - and swearing never to put himself through the pain again - miraculously all it took was a couple of pints to convince him to change his mind!

However, his plans were almost scuppered recently when he had his bike stolen from his work van while he was on site looking for bombs.  

Not one to let such an obstacle get in the way for long, he's back in training and ready to take on the hills of Wales on the 21st of June.

James Downes and Tackle Africa 

James, (pictured below with his trailer towing pass certificate from earlier this year), is logistics technician in Gillingham, he works hard to ensure all site staff have everything they need, and that Igne's technical kit is serviced and in the right place at the right time - every time.

James is taking on a 12 hour football marathon!

He and his friends are raising money for TackleAfrica - a charity that uses football coaching to teach children about issues including HIV, family planning, child marriages and female genital mutilation.

The charity also trains local coaches and teachers to run sessions and to encourage and facilitate HIV testing.

Having taken on the football marathon last year, you might have thought James would think twice before putting himself through the pain again - but no!

Igne salutes its latest two heroes - James and Ian...