Geothermal energy from water in abandoned mine workings

Igne drills boreholes to access water in abandoned mine workings to provide clean geothermal energy for district heating schemes - watch our General Manager discuss the latest project.

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Last year, Igne was contracted by Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental to drill a borehole into disused mine workings in Durham.

The project was to prove a concept that disused mine water can be used to produce clean geothermal energy for heating.

Supporting the UK’s green energy commitment

The mine water project was completed successfully for Durham County Council, and they were able to utilise otherwise contaminated and redundant water to heat a leisure centre and slash their bills and carbon footprint. 

In this article we wrote for GeoDrilling International you can read all about the renewable energy project and how we drilled a borehole to access the mine water for geothermal heat.

Because of our unique experience drilling boreholes into disused mines for geothermal energy, we are about to embark on a pioneering district heating project in Newcastle.

Renewable energy for district heating 

Igne will once again be working for Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental, and drilling two boreholes to provide district heating in Hebburn.