Borehole drilling for new builds

Often the belief is that drilling a borehole will add a lot of additional hurdles to the building process when developing a new property. However, that’s just not true!

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Borehole drilling for new builds

For over 70 years, we at WB+AD Morgan have been helping our clients achieve significant financial savings and self-sufficiency by drilling and maintaining private water supplies for them.

Often the belief is that drilling a borehole will add a lot of additional hurdles to the building process when developing a new property.  However, that’s just not true!

Landowners have a right to access any water beneath their ground.  This means there is no need to acquire planning permission to drill a water borehole, thus making it easy for a developer to install a borehole during a property build process.

Once the installation work is completed, accessing and utilising this water is completely free.

A domestic water borehole can provide up to 20,000 litres of water a day, abstraction-licence-free.  To put that into perspective, the average domestic home only uses 350 litres of water per day.

This means just one borehole could provide up to 50 homes with a high-quality, private water supply.

For new build property developers and buyers alike, a private water supply can offer an attractive alternative to mains water supplies.  The benefits include...

Savings for buyers

When buying a property that benefits from borehole water, the purchaser will enjoy significant cost savings.

New home-owners will be able to enjoy free water from the day they move in.

Sustainable living

Buyers are putting pressure on all markets for more sustainable products.

This extends to the housing sector as ecologically sustainable properties are becoming more and more desirable.

A borehole delivers a natural, sustainable and 100% renewable source of water – making it a big, ethical tick in the box.  We even count the Environment Agency as one of our clients.

Better quality

Up to 70% of water from a mains supply comes from recycled wastewater.  To make this water safe to drink, it is treated with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.

With a water well, a simple filtration system is often all that is needed to ensure the water is pure and clean to drink.

Any chemicals needed will be dependent on the water found, we will provide a full breakdown of exactly how your water is being treated.

The end result?  Higher quality water for families and pets alike!

More manageable connectivity costs

When developing rural properties that are further away from the mains water supply, there are connection costs for developers.

You can avoid these and add to your selling points arsenal by investing in a private borehole for future buyers.

Water experts: WB + AD Morgan

At WB + AD Morgan, we work with both domestic and commercial clients.  Due to this crossover, we have the required experience to understand your needs and your clients.

As an end-to-end service provider we manage the installation process from start to finish.  And as we own our own drilling equipment, there is no need for third parties or the outsourcing of equipment – saving you time and money.

We are proud to have worked for the likes of Coca-Cola, Oakwrights, and Severn Trent – and would be equally proud to serve your needs.

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