Water boreholes: the benefits for hoteliers

It may be the right time for your hospitality business to consider a strategy that will deliver significant, long-term cost reductions. We can help you.

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Water boreholes: the benefits for hoteliers

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes in all sectors are looking for innovative ways to reduce their costs. 

As the world tentatively opens up again, we know the leisure and hospitality sectors are doing their best to adapt and create safe environments for customers.

While things are slowly beginning to stabilise a little, it may be the right time for your hospitality business to consider a strategy that will deliver significant, long-term cost reductions.  We can help you.

The benefits of a private water supply

Since inception in 1946, we at Igne have been helping businesses save significant sums of money annually by drilling and maintaining their own private water supplies for them. 

Often the business owners we speak to believe they must rely on mains water supplies, thinking that there will be too many hurdles in the way of them establishing their own water supply.

In fact, the majority of water drilling projects on land a client owns get a green light.  If there is water beneath the ground you own, you have a certain right to access and use it.

Water boreholes can supply up to 20,000 litres of water a day for free.  According to the Energy Saving Trust, each person uses about 142 litres of water each day – meaning 20,000 goes a long way.

However, as a heavier water user, you are likely to need an abstraction licence from the Environment Agency to access sufficient water for your hotel.  As we count the Environment Agency as one of our clients, if your business does need more water than 20,000 litres a day, our team can handle the acquisition of an abstraction license for you.  

This means, providing the borehole is a suitable size, you can access as much water as you need.

Once the installation work has been done, there is no additional charge for this water.  It becomes your own, private supply.

Our team will handle the entire process for you; at Igne everything is managed in-house.

The benefits of installing a water borehole for your business include... 

Long-term savings and a rapid return on investment

For those operating in the hospitality sector, water usage is high, and costs can be significant - with seasonal peaks. 

Due to this high demand, hoteliers can enjoy a rapid return on their investment in a borehole.

When you call for your free initial consultation, our team can use your quarterly water bill to help project how quickly you will be cost neutral and thereafter, making significant savings.  This will help you ensure you’re making the right choice for your business.

Better quality water

By investing in your own water borehole, your guests can benefit from enhanced water quality.

Did you know, mains water is made of up to 70% recycled wastewater?  To ensure this is safe to drink and use, it has to be heavily treated with chemicals.

Borehole water is naturally of a higher quality and enriched with minerals - meaning it requires far less purification treatment.

Happier guests

Have you experienced the frustration of jumping in the shower at peak water usage time in the evening or morning - and having to wash yourself in a pitiful trickle?

As you know, good shower pressure is important to guests.  Not just good pressure, but reliable pressure.  When using water from the mains supply, the water has to travel through a network of pipes.  This journey coupled with the number of people using water can impact pressure. 

If you’re utilising your own supply, the journey from source to shower is much shorter, improving pressure.

In addition, when using your own borehole water as opposed to the mains, fewer people will be utilising the supply, meaning there is more water for your guests to enjoy. 

Clean up included

When considering undertaking infrastructure projects, we understand hoteliers must consider the impact this will have on guest experience.

Our team has over 70 years’ experience in planning and delivering borehole projects, for water or heat, so will work with you to ensure you understand the timelines involved, and so the project can be completed with minimal disruption to you and your valued guests.

While there is some mess involved, our team provides a thorough clean up.  We’ve drilled boreholes on the hallowed cricket pitches at Lord’s and on site for Cambridge University – so we understand the importance of maintaining clean grounds and for leaving a site in an immaculate condition. 

We are water experts: Igne

At Igne we have over 70 years’ experience drilling commercial and domestic boreholes.  We are proud to count Coca-Cola, Severn Trent Water and Npower among our key clients. 

We control your borehole installation process from start to finish - no waiting on third parties or having to outsource for equipment.  We have experience drilling in a range of tough conditions, from clay to green sands, and are often called in where other companies have failed.

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