Woolwich Arsenal UXO risk assessment

Igne undertook a comprehensive stage 2 risk assessment on the site of the former Woolwich Arsenal.

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UXO risk assessment

Igne was awarded a contract for the stage 2 detailed unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk assessment for a site that was located on the former Woolwich Arsenal.

The task involved using a range of historical sources, obtained from the company's own in-house records, and also a number of external archives.

Also considered were the past explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) clearance operations which had taken place in the surrounding area.

High risk of encountering ordnance

One task carried out on the former ranges immediately north of those on this site resulted in the recovery and disposal of over 4,600 items of both live and expended UXO.

All available sources were evaluated and researched in conjunction with the specific site area to assess the likelihood of contamination from items of both Allied and German UXO.

The risk was deemed as high.


  • On-site mitigation works were recommended within the report. The following works were conducted:
    • Non-intrusive magnetometer survey
    • EOD engineer onsite support
  • The following items were recovered:
    • 1 x solid shot cannon ball 80mm
    • 1 x experimental ordnance 150mm D x 390mm L, black body
    • 1x solid shot Cannon Ball 110mm
    • 2 x solid shot cannon balls 15cm & 13cm
    • 3 x cannon balls 100mm, 130mm and 160mm