Sustainable, safe water (and waste water) solutions for Britain's self builders

  • Are you self building a house in Britain, or one of the UK's small home building companies?
  • Are you wondering about getting connected to a water (and waste water) supply?
  • Answering yes so far?
  • Then you're probably concerned about costs, the time it will take to get a connection, and whether your water will be safe to drink...

This is the situation as it stands...

Britain is running out of time to increase water resilience; demand will exceed supply as early as 2036.  The Environment Agency says we need to be less squeamish about drinking reprocessing water from sewage treatment.  But, considering most tap water is already contaminated with toxic forever chemicals linked to cancers, fertility problems and defects in unborn babies, why should we accept a potentially more contaminated supply?

An alternative prospect is water companies will be forced to improve their infrastructure to build resilience.  However, the regulator Ofwat has warned that companies don’t have the money to invest.  They will have to increase costs to the consumer. 

Water and sewage bills range from £491 in Scotland to £842 in London and the south-east, average price increases this year were 12%, but Thames Water has said this is not enough.  It will need an increase of 44%: “to meet environmental standards”.  Doubtful that Thames Water is alone in heading towards issuing £1,000pa water bills.

And still, this won’t be enough to ensure yours is a clean and safe supply. 

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of 10,000 human-made chemicals used in industrial processes, firefighting foams, and consumer products.  They were in evidence in raw and treated water tested by water companies last year at such high levels, The Guardian reports “experts are extremely alarmed.”

The future for your personal water supply looks bleak.  But it doesn’t have to be like this. 

Private water (and waste water) solutions for self builders and small builders

As a land or homeowner with a field or garden, or as a self- or small builder with a development plot, you own the pure water beneath your feet.  And depending on where you are in the UK, your personally accessible supply could have been percolating through bedrock for hundreds of thousands - or even millions - of years.  This natural process cleans the water and adds essential minerals.  

It is your right to abstract and enjoy this water.  If you use less than 20 cubic metres a day, (which is 20,000 litres (note: the average person uses just 142 litres of water per day)), you don’t even need a licence.

At Igne, we have over 150 years of experience drilling, installing, testing, and purifying private water supplies.  With this much experience, you can trust us to assess your site’s suitability for a sustainable water supply and install a solution to overcome the challenges facing the future of municipal water services.

Furthermore, depending on your plot,* Igne can also install your own Bio-Pure sewage treatment system.  This means no need to connect to mains water services at all, saving you the costs of connection and of course, the ongoing costs of water and waste.

With your own clean water and wastewater solutions you will take yourself completely off grid, you will face no shortages, no hose bans, no bills, no increasing costs – just pure, clean water.  We install solutions providing complete water resilience for single home sites – right up to multiple home developments.

*Not all plots are suitable for this solution owning to building regulations, we will be able to advise you, and if needs be, we will connect you to mains sewage.

Contact us for private water (and waste water) solutions

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